About Us

We are a group of gardeners who enjoy growing and learning about roses.

   Some of us like to grow exhibition roses and participate in local rose shows.

      Some of us are just learning how to successfully grow roses in our landscapes.

       Some of us are enthralled by miniature roses while others marvel at the hybrid tea.

         Some of us are collectors while some have only a few plants. 
But most importantly we are a group who have come together to encourage each other in our hobby. 



                     Ilene Cook
1st VP of Programs
                    Pam Smith
2nd VP Rose Shows
                     Andy Black
3rd VP Membership
                     Raymond Glen
                     Janet Gustafson
Recording Secretary
                     Maureen O'Hanahan
Corresponding Secretary
                     Carol Coughran
                     Katherine Harris
                     Christy Gustafson
Carrollton                       Ilene Cook                           972-394-6077
Denton                             Carolyn Hayward             972-353-9525
Richardson                     Claude Graves                    972-234-5184
Arlington                        Jimmy Sanford                   817-654-3832
Dallas                               Kathy Harris                        972-620-1131
Rowlett                            Dr. Vicki Agee                     972-421-8767
Plano                                 Debra Bagley                      972-422-5068
Denton                             James Herbison                  940-497-2549
Carrollton                     Pam Smith                               972-989-6582
Dallas                             Andy Black                               972-824-4766
Dallas                             Maureen O'Hanahan             919-721-8881

Consulting Rosarians (CR) are volunteers ready to answer any question about growing roses. Master Rosarians are CR who have been CR for 10 or more years. All are certified by the American Rose Society.

QUESTION: Do you have to be a member of the Dallas Rose Society or the American Rose Society to ask a question?

ANSWER: No! CR and Master Rosarians answer questions from the public, too. CR are a public outreach of the American Rose Society and the Dallas Rose Society. We hope our knowledge of roses will encourage you and just maybe entice you to join our group. 

Carolyn Hayward is the local CR coordinator. 972-353-9525

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