Classes at a Glance



Class 1- Traditional Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora, One Bloom per stem
Class 2- Decorative Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora, One Bloom per Stem
Class 3- Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Spray
Class 4- Floribunda Spray
Class 5- Hybrid Tea, Grandiflora, or Floribunda Fully Open
Class 6- Polyantha Spray - no entries received
Class 7- Climbing Roses
Class 8- Classic Shrubs: Hybrid Musk, Hybrid Rugosa, Hybrid Moyesii, or               Hybrid Kordesii
Class 9- Modern Shrubs
Class 10- Old Garden Roses
Class 11-Miniflora, One Bloom per stem
Class 12-Miniature , One Bloom per stem
Class 13- Miniflora or Miniature Fully Open, One Bloom per Stem
Class 14- Miniflora or Miniature Spray
Class 15- Seedling or Sport


Class 16- "Your Rose Garden View"

ARRANGEMENTS - see schedule for important details

Class 17- “A Bountiful Display”
Class 18- “Thorns Aplenty”
Class 19- “Water: The life Blood of the Garden”
Class 20- “Dawn in the Rose Garden”
Class 21- “Weeding again, and again, and again”
Class 22- “Solitude”

The Dallas Rose Society

The Dallas Rose Society is a non-profit educational organization affiliated with the American Rose Society.

We are dedicated to the cultivation of roses throughout the Metroplex. We are open to anyone who loves roses. 

Dallas Rose Society 2021